About the Smit Group

About Smit & zoon

Smit & zoon develops and produces chemicals used in the manufacturing and finishing of leather for well-known brands of shoes, cars, furniture, clothes and bags. Based on fish oil as a shared feedstock source, we also have a significant share in the global trade of vegetable and animal oils, used by our customers to produce top brands in pet foods and human consumption.
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Business Units

Leather Chemicals, Leather Finishing and Functional Oils
The Smit & zoon business consists of three separately operating business units: Leather Chemicals, Leather Finishing and Functional Oils.
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Why, mission and values

At Smit & zoon our Why (purpose) is: Always searching for solutions with positive, lasting impact. Doing so has set us apart and made us successful for almost two centuries now and we are confident that this will continue to be the case in the time to come.

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