Our Identity

Smit Functional Oils

A global supplier of Omega 3 Fish oils
Smit & zoon Functional Oils is a global player in the world of functional marine oils since 1821 and one of the leading suppliers of processed omega 3 fish oils. We source globally, store and process locally and deliver and distribute globally.
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What’s in our name

A 7th generation family owned long term focused company
The name Smit & zoon stands for a professional, flexible and global approach achieving success by being loyal to its customers, its personnel and its principles. This family company has a long and stable history commanding respect and guaranteeing a continuation of its sustainable policy towards the future.
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Our mission

‘To be your preferred partner, providing excellent service and products, today and tomorrow.’
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Nijverheidslaan 48
1382 LK Weesp
The Netherlands

Smit & zoon