We are FoS certified!

Friend of the Sea: Sustainable Seafood Products Certification
Smit Functional Oils is proud to announce their new Friend of the Sea (FoS) certification. As an important fish oil supplier, sustainability and traceability are some of the key words in our business and this certification emphasizes our efforts in this matter.

On 18th April 2016 an independent certification body preformed an audit and based on their findings they granted us the certification. With this, we have the ability to produce and deliver fish oil under FoS certification to our customers.

What is Friend of the Sea?

Friend of the Sea is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization established in 2008, whose aim is to safeguard the marine environment and its resources incentivizing a sustainable market and implementing specific protection and preservation projects. 
Friend of the Sea is a project for the certification and promotion of seafood from sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture. It is the only certification scheme which, with the same logo, certifies products both wild-caught and farmed as well as fish feed, fish oil and omega-3 supplements.

FoS Compliant fish oil

Having achieved this certification does not mean that we are all of a sudden able to deliver all of our fish oil under this certification. In order to delivery Friend of the Sea fish oil it can only originate from FoS approved suppliers with a chain of custody going back to the fishery. In our own factory we also need to keep this oil separate to assure no mixing occurs between FoS and non-FoS certified fish oil.
Off course, as we produce to the requirements of our customers, we will be happy to investigate the possibilities for new inquiries. Tailor-made solutions are our specialty.

For more information on our which fish oils we can supply with FoS certification, please feel free to contact us.


We are FoS certified!

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