Corporate Social Responsibility

April 11, 2017 –Smit & zoon today announced the publication of its annual CSR Report highlighting Smit & zoon’s environmental and social performance for 2016.

"Being an almost 200-year old family-owned business, long-term focus is one of our core values and sustainability is an important aspect of that," said Hans van Haarst, CEO at Smit & zoon. "To make our industry fit for the future transparency and actions are needed by all players in the value chain. This CSR report is a testimony of our actions and achievements during the past year. I’m confident it will help to achieve transparency and inspire all of us to further improve our industry."

Sustainable fish oil

From our Functional Oils business line, we are processing and supplying fish oil as a raw material for human consumption, pet food and animal feed. From our Wet-end business line, we are processing and supplying fish oil as a raw material for fatliquors for leather production. 

100% certified

OBJECTIVE: All our fish oil suppliers are certified as sustainable (FoS, IFFO RS, MSC, ASC and/or comparable)

For our Functional Oils business unit, we set ourselves the goal in 2016 to purchase 100% certified sustainable fish oil by 2020. Such certifications are important in order to organize and maintain a sustainable fish-processing chain.

Booster in the chain

Smit & zoon takes the inclusion principle for granted.
That means that rather than excluding suppliers, we support them to achieve the sustainability certifications that our customers demand. We boost sustainability in the chain and bring parties in the chain together, e.g. customer and sustainability certification organization.

Not in competition with human consumption

OBJECTIVE: No competition with human consumption for fish oil for technical and/or pet food use.

In 2016, we set ourselves the objective that by 2020 the minimum amount possible of the fish oil which we procure for pet food and as raw material for our leather processing products (technology), should compete with fishing and fish production intended for human consumption. We want to achieve this for these market segments by purchasing fish oil obtained, as much as possible, from by-products of fish intended for human consumption (oil obtained from cutting waste of fish filleters).

For more information about our CSR approach and actions, please have a look at our corporate website or read our CSR report.


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We are FoS certified!

Friend of the Sea: Sustainable Seafood Products Certification
Smit Functional Oils is proud to announce their new Friend of the Sea (FoS) certification. As an important fish oil supplier, sustainability and traceability are some of the key words in our business and this certification emphasizes our efforts in this matter.
FoS Logo.jpg

Successful IFFO RS audit

Renewal of IFFO RS certification achieved
After an extensive two day audit, Smit & zoon was once again approved as a sustainable supplier according to the IFFO RS standards. We proved to have great traceability procedures in place and will receive our new certificate once the current one, valid until July 2017, reaches its end date.
SFO IFFO RS 1x1.jpg
Corporate Social Responsibility

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