Feed Safety Assurance Scheme

GMP+ certified
As a fish oil supplier to the animal feed industry, Smit & Zoon identified the company-specific hazards relating to the safety of feeds and analyzes and controls these by applying HACCP principles. Our organization is GMP+ certified to assure our customers we work in line with GMP+ requirements.


Certification by GMP+ International

GMP+ International is an independent organization that controls the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. This scheme consists of two modules (GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA) and GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA)) and is intended for certification of animal feed companies globally. Specifically the GMP+ FSA module has been developed to guarantee food safety and to assure consumers that animal feed products have been produced, processed, traded, stored and transported responsibly and safely. All conditions to guarantee feed safety have been put into the GMP+ standards which are based on legislation and additional requirements from the market.

The GMP+ FSA module

The Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) module of GMP+ is a complete module for the assurance of animal feed safety in all the links of the feed chain. Demonstrable assurance of feed safety is a 'licence to sell' in many countries and markets and participation in the GMP+ FSA module can facilitate this excellently. Based on needs in practice, multiple components have been integrated into the GMP+ FSA module, such as requirements for the quality management system (ISO 9001), HACCP, products standards, traceability, monitoring, prerequisites programmes, chain approach and the Early Warning System.

products delivered under gmp+ certificate

Thanks to the GMP+ certification Smit Functional Oils has the possiblity to deliver GMP+ certified products to its customers that use the fish oil in their animal feed. In our product range we have several fish oils that can be supplied under this certificate when required for its application. This does not exclude other products from delivery with this certification as we are always trying to create solutions for our customers with the aim to supply the right quality oils for their processes.

The scope of our GMP+ certification is registered in the GMP+ Company Database. Here anyone can look up if a company has the correct certifications for delivering to the animal feed chain.

 For more information on GMP+, please visit the GMP+ Portal



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Feed Safety Assurance Scheme

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